Chill Vol. 4 -- PCH

Curated by DJ Carmela

As the title suggest, this playlist is inspired by a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Malibu. There’s nothing like a drive to reflect and gather your thoughts. So, I put together a collection of songs that I really feel encompass moments of BLISS(check out the flashback BANGER ‘Bliss’ X Teyona Taylor + John Legend)-whether you feel like you need ‘Moment to Myself’ (track X DianaGordon) with ‘Friends’ (track X The Carters) or a moment of affirmation that you G’d while mercury was in retrograde. This playlist is meant to listen in order but is bangs on shuffle too.

 Before pressing play, I suggest rolling up a hybrid-sativa like UK  or  Diesel; with a little lavender.

kimee brown