Monster Cookies

Hybrid/Indica dominate cross between Girl Scout Cookies + Granddaddy Purp -  THC 20%

This week I wanted to switch it up and introduce Joints vs Bowls, a comparative analysis of Monster Cookies. There are many ways to consume the plant but I mostly A) smoke a joint in s/s & blunts in the f/w or B) hit the bowl (The latter because I refuse to learn how to roll  #judgeyourmother) Recently, I vacationed out West, I know you’re thinking shopping on Rodeo, Fairfax, The Grove, etc. but I wasn’t shopping for shoes honey, I was shopping for...cannabis. My boy scooped us in his sporty ass car and introduced us to a spot that sold $20 eighths so I stocked up on 7 different strains and mailed it back East. The first strain up in my Lucky #7(it’s lucky because it arrived smelling like tree but it wasn’t confiscated) care package is Monster Cookies. So “it’s morning” Monday to be exact and although I love my job I’m a little cranky in the mornings so I set my alarm early enough to squeeze in a 10-15 minute smoke + coffee guided meditation break. I start with playing my favorite morning track ‘Friday Morning’ X @khruangbin I’m about a third of the way through my cup of coffee which means I’m increasingly stimulated so it’s time to mellow it all out with a little tree. As I’m hitting my bowl I instantly noticed that Monster Cookies  taste different when I smoked a joint vs bowl. The bowl hit was earthy but the taste was fragrant, almost like a piney men’s cologne. I watched as the crystal trichomes sparkled as it burned under the fire of my #undefeated lighter. After a few hits I tasted hints of grapes and berries that the strain inherited from Granddaddy Purple. Although, I experienced and connected with Monster Cookies while hitting the bowl, I still prefer hitting a joint. You see...the night prior, Bae and I smoked a joint and let me just say this Granddaddy Purp is the #1 rated SEXUAL strain so Monster Cookies can’t be too far behind.

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