Grape Walker

Grape Walker Kush(GWK) - 70% indica 🌱 30% sativa [Disclaimer, I wrote this while high so get ready to be entertained.]


GWK is a weed so loud that it instantly hit my nose upon opening the mason glass jar’s lid. A smile immediately shoots across my face as I know I’m in for an afternoon delight. Before grinding the flowers down, I stuck my nose deeply into the jar and began to deeply inhale. Notes of grape, grape soda to be exact and lemon zest hits my nose. The purple leaves + random orange hair strands were mildly noted. The characteristic that caught my eyes were the sparkly cannabinoid crystals that shined so brightly that i needed 😎. I’ve never seen such a distinct sparkle. I thought to myself, is this what Rihanna meant when she said, shine bright like a diamond🤔 (hits blunt)  Now, courtesy of my partner, it’s actually time to hit my perfectly rolled raw paper joint (sidebar: I don’t know how to roll #judgeyourmother). I’m about 2 tokes in as I begin to feel a head high that hits me at the same exact time I’m listening to ‘Ghost Town’ off of Kanye’s latest project. If you aren’t familiar, the song’s outro states “nothing hurts anymore, i feel kind of  free.” That’s exactly how I felt. Minor negative effects are slight dizziness from head high and mild dry mouth which is common because THC reduces the flow saliva. Although GWK is indica dominate if micro-dosed it’s easy to find a great work flow without feeling heavy. Flowers by Femme Grower 👩🏾‍🌾 @thcannect 👩🏾‍🌾

kimee brown