Fire OG

Fire OG (FOG🔥) - 70% indica 🌱 30% sativa [Disclaimer, I wrote this while high so get ready to be entertained.] 


I’ve been smoking a lot of OG Kush lately so when I get my hands on an assortment, oh it’s lit! As I waited to be served, I grabbed a couple of the mason jars, stuck my nose in and deeply inhaled. At that very moment I noticed, I pick my weed like I pick my fruit 💡(hits blunt). Based on its smell and color, I was instantly drawn to the Fire OG jar. Its fire red hairs started to flirt with me a little so it was on! I copped a couple grams of FOG🔥 & KK (☝🏾which I thought was Khalifa Kush but that’s another story for another day). I took FOG🔥 home, grinded and stuffed her into a cone. Then proceeded onto my balcony, lit a candle, played The Carters and enjoyed my “night cap” with FOG🔥. Instantly, I’m not that impressed with the taste as it is too piney and a little too harsh on the pull but...boy was I LIT! I even had a little creative burst at its peak and the experience lasted a lot longer than the average strains. Fun Fact, I started writing this an hour ago(🙄) and I’m still pretty high. Tips: this is a heavier indica so it is best before bed or if you’re really trying to chill out for a solid 2 hours. 

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