Juicy Fruit


Juicy Fruit – Hybrid crossed with pure Afghani Indica + pure Thai Sativa – THC 15% || If you were following along with us this weekend then you know we were out in LA living our best life (check out LA Chronicles’ story archives)! What is it about LA that feels so right?! Is it the ocean, nice weather, recreational cannabis, healthy lifestyle, etc.? Whatever it is, I’m about that LIFE! LA will really have you living like Joanne the Scammers’ portrayal of a rich Caucasian; attempting adventures like surfing, biking, or hiking. Out of all of my LA adventures, hiking is probably my favorite. I’m a proud member of #BlackGirlsHikeToo, however, there are just certain things one should not do while high and hiking Topanga Canyon (elevation 1,084) is certainly one of them! I’d spent the morning chain smoking Juicy Fruit and having an entire waiting to exhale moment with my girls while enjoying the scenic route down the PCH. The vibes were so right! We drove about half way up the hillside, zooming around the edge of the cliff. We’re literally so high up that my ears are poppin’ but I’m floating so it’s whatever. However, reality hits as soon as we climbed out of the car and on to the canyon’s path . Let the record show, I’m not out of shape but I was so high (literally and figuratively) that I could barely climb and converse due to shortness of breath. I was able to enjoy the scene, clear my mind and conserve my energy until we reach the top which we’d plan to celebrate by sparking another joint. However, we never made it to the top! We reached the second rest stop and I could feel the energy in the group nearing fuck it! So we grabbed a seat under a shaded tree, sparked a joint, bonded a little more and headed back down the canyon. 

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