Dear Diary

Everybody had me f***ed up today!

Life can be stressful AF! A new survey suggests that women are consuming cannabis more to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and even sexual pleasure. Medical marijuana is most commonly known as an effective treatment for chronic pain but we know many cannabis users consume marijuana simply to relax.  We believe in self-care by any means necessary so allow us to introduce you to the latest Pink Stone fave:

Goldleaf Cannabis Taster aka "a weed journal"

Goldleaf Cannabis journal.jpg

The Cannabis Taster is a pocket journal designed specifically for the cannabis adventurer. With a focus on recreational use and enjoyment, this notebook features guided entry pages and graphics designed to help you document the flavors, effects and experiences of cannabis.

So What Goes In a Cannabis Journal?

Any and everything you would document in a personal journal but for weed.  Cannabis journals are ideal for any enthusiast wanting to track the strains and products they have tried in hopes of understanding their palate and body in the process. This journal works with all types of cannabis (flower, concentrates & edibles).

PinkStone Dear Diary.jpg

Should You Keep a Cannabis Journal?

 That decision is totally up to you. Everyone has a different experience and reaction to cannabis which is why we are so fascinated with this remarkable plant. If you follow PinkStone on Instagram then you already know. We candidly share our hilarious high tales, sesh recaps, and strain reviews because we know someone can relate.

Whether you journal or not we encourage you to try something new this week.  Try a new strain. Try a new method of consumption. It might just change your entire life!