Elevated Bath Time

Sis take your next self care session to a higher level with THC infused bath bombs.


Last month I was gifted a Lifted Body Care Bath Bomb and I loved it! Bath bombs aren’t anything new but they definitely add a layer of relaxation to your bath time. Bath bombs are usually formulated with calming and relaxing essential oils like lavender and chamomile. Add a lil THC to that and bath time is lit! 

How To Use

Each bath bomb has 120 mg of THC and an assortment of natural scents. Run your bath water like you normally do. Drop the bath bomb in the water and it will begin to dissolve. With the Sweet Dream bath bomb the water turned a slightly blue color. After 10 minutes of soaking I still didn’t “feel” anything. I was almost convinced it didn’t work but 20 minutes later I was a little too relaxed. So relaxed that I fell asleep in the tub. When I finally got out my skin felt so soft and smooth. My body was incredibly heavy and the bed was calling my name. I seemed to melt as soon as I hit the sheets. I slept so good that I had to get another one.


Since I’m all about an experience I knew I could take elevated bath time higher if I added some aromatherapy. I lit a citron and vanilla scented soy candle by clean beauty brand Bouquette and followed up with Apothecanna Face and Body Oil.


Apothecanna face and body oil is a blend of organic essential oils to eliminate dryness, prevent premature aging, and clarify skin imperfections. This light weight oil is extremely hydrating and has notes of citrus to engage the senses. It smells divine, just like the spa.

Key Ingredients

Mandarin – moisturizing, brightens skin

Geranium – de-congests clogged pores, heals scars

Cedar – antioxidant, soothes skin

Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress

This elevated combo is HIGHLY recommended if you need any type of pain relief. Even if you don’t have any body issues and just want a good nights rest this will definitely do the trick. THC bath bombs and topical body products are perfect for anyone that wants to explore the medicinal benefits of cannabis without smoking.

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