I’ve been super anxious recently while going through the interview + hiring process for a gig I journaled about 3 years ago that was finally manifesting. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, you see I needed a win! To help offset some of my anxiety I attended @cashcolorcannabis podcast. Afterwards, I hung around to formally meet the guest Nicole, founder of @cannabisconnectionworld & CBD Expert. Of course, I had tons of questions about CBD. My main inquiry was, if this isn’t the psychoactive portion of the plant then, what does it actually feel like?!! 

 Nicole wanted to show me better than she could tell me, so she pulled out a 2 oz bottle of CBD oil and passed it along like a church lady with mints. If you actually grew up in the church you know those ladies are HEROES especially when your stomach is growling during a 4-hour church service. | Two mornings later I awake feeling anxious but this time felt different. I normally feel anxiety in my chest area but I literally felt it throughout my entire body. However, instead of popping a Xanax, I administered 3 drops under my tongue and patiently awaited the rush of calmness. About 2-3 minutes later my body feels calm but something is missing. Although, the CBD oil was working I missed the cerebral affect so I enhanced my experience with 3 hits of Ken’s Kush(a heavy indica strain). Since my first experience, I’ve used this combo a couple other times especially in the morning which is when my anxiety is at its highest peak. | Negatives: Do not consume on an empty stomach. I was warned but I forgot and by the time I remembered my stomach was already UP to the SET!