King Louis XIII Kush

70% indica 🌱30% sativa / THC tested at 20% [Disclaimer, I wrote this while high so get ready to be entertained.] 


Clears throat 🗣hear ye, hear ye, King Louis XIII is thee best cannabis strain I’ve ever been blessed enough to come across, not once but twice 🙏🏾. So let’s get into it. For me, it was love at first sight. I’ve never seen a cleaner looking bud. Everything about it appeared healthy from its super green hue, fine orange hairs and sparklin’ glisten. By now you know me, as soon I see the bud, I’m compelled to smell it. Inhaling deeply the sweet scent of lemon and pine hits my nose. Y’all, I swear on Beyoncé’s life, I caught a contact high via aroma therapy 😩🤤 While my Love rolled the joint, I continued to sniff and analyze the buds. The sweet smell was mouth watering and the taste & texture didn’t disappoint. my first pull was creamy (pause), smooth, and sweet. I instantly got a little hazy which was exciting because I can only go up from here 🎈As I start to cough hysterically, I realize I might be a little too excited so I ash the joint, wet my throat, and practiced a couple of breathing exercises to expand my lungs(learned this in our high yoga class #shamelessplug) Fast forward a few minutes later, I’m now moving into a trance which guides me to exploring the buds while trying to capture its natural beauty. 1 Hour Later...I’ve snapped at least 100 photos on my balcony where I have staged a small set creative directing the buds 😩😩😩 HIGH ISH! Tips: The munchies are intense so make sure you have snacks on deck.

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